Another GORGEOUS Wedding Reception at the Cana Ballroom!

Not everyone gets the pleasure of working with people on the happiest day of their lives.  That is why we feel so blessed and fortunate to work here in the Cana Ballroom.  Sure, there can be certain stresses leading up to a wedding and reception.  At the Cana Ballroom, we strive to keep the stress level low, we want the bride and groom to walk into their picture perfect reception.  It’s the behind the scenes work that sets us apart.  We, the Cana Ballroom Event Planners, are here every moment leading up to, and including the reception.  We will help the wedding party with everything from fetching double sided tape to prevent “wardrobe malfunctions” to running to the grocery store when the bartender realizes there aren’t enough limes.  We are commited to making the bride and groom’s wedding day a wonderful memory!  These pictures are from Rachael and Sean-Paul’s April 6, 2013 wedding reception.  My personal favorite is the way the groom’s cake (which is a large tire in a pool of “mud”) splashes “mud” (chocolate) onto the wedding cake.  I have to admit, when I saw it at first I thought it was a mistake and I was about to freak out.  Then I realized it was just a clever depiction of Rachael and Sean-Paul and their hobby…..

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